Isabel Pardo
Isabel Pardo is an artist and curator based in Baltimore, MD. She has a BFA in Painting, Art History, and Curatorial Studies from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Curatorial projects include “This Is Not The End,” a virtual exhibit in January 2021 and MICA’s 2019 Exhibition Development Seminar’s ‘Historically Hysterical’ at Baltimore’s Peale Center. Solo exhibitions include, "Have You Seen the Horsemen Yet?" at The Alchemy of Art in Baltimore, MD and "Half Sinner, All Saint," virtually at The Aerogramme Center for Art and Culture. Inspired by surrealism and alchemy, She strives to create dynamic experiences for the viewer through multimedia paintings and immersive assemblage installations.
In my work I address all painting as a collage. I consider my work a deliberate collection of individual images, layers, and colors spliced together to entwine new and old meanings for each symbol chosen. I draw upon my identity as a painter and curator to engage physical space in a way which alters the viewer experience by translating 2D space in my paintings into 3D installations. Implementing a combination of traditional water media and oil painting with assemblage installations including found objects, fabric, and construction materials, I explore how art historical imagery and symbolism can be re-interpreted and recycled. By use of surrealist and mythological imagery, I create my own form of alchemy in work that is transformative in dimensionality and symbolism.