Allegories, Water media on paper, mixed media installation, 6’ x 10’ x 2’ , 2019

Annunciation I, II, III,  Mixed Media,  8’ x 6’ , 2019

​​​ Vanity, Watercolor on paper, risograph prints, mixed media installation, 10’ x 4.5’ x 3’, 2019

Magdalene, house paint on wood, rubber, brick, and mixed media, 6’ x 3.5’ x 1’, 2019

The Ideal City, metal, thread, and rubber mobile, 10" x 24", 2019

Interpreting the conversation of painting, art history, and curation I combine two and three-dimensional elements to create abstract contemporary contexts for the classical paintings of Giovanni Bellini. Exploring the development of his work through different points of his career, the abstracted pieces develop out of work created with varying purposes for viewing. The earliest piece, an altarpiece with religious function, the middle pieces, panels for everyday use in a cabinet, and the final, an oil painting for aesthetic visual documentation.
Utilizing painting as collage I translate the curated image through watercolor, assemblage, installation, and the art historical cannon to develop new compositions out of established imagery. By redefining hierarchy through repetition, I question how a piece can be read and distilled into a visual language. In the process of repeating imagery, I play a game of telephone peeling context and image to attach new meaning through new relationships and the passage of time.
Acting as a collector of image and material, I examine how art is displayed in space to be analyzed from a different viewpoint. The creation of  installations work to physically enhance the visual experience of observing paintings while experimenting in painting with 3D objects and ultimately altering their aesthetic function and questioning the use of detail for decoration or disguise.
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