June-July 2017
Alhamra Art Center Bernardsville, NJ
As a student curated exhibition, ‘Stigma’ represents a culmination of young minds coming together to create a conversation on a prevalent topic in our society, community, and specific age group. 
With recent unfortunate events occurring in our town, our members find it necessary to provide a positive outlet for the self, social, and academic pressure that we have on our shoulders in Bernards as well as neighboring townships. As student artists creating this show, we provided an opportunity to present a dialogue with our work to create a community awareness regarding the social issue of mental wellness in adolescents as well as in general society. 
We would like to give the utmost gratitude to the Ridge High School Art department for their time and dedication to their students, Dr. Arshia Qasim for providing her time and Gallery for both the workshops and this exhibition, and finally Andi Williams from Community in Crisis for connecting us with Arshia. 
The Curatorial Team: Isabel Pardo, Vanessa Wilkes, Michelle Singer, Caitlyn Chwatek, and Johanna Cordasco.
These students went on with their faculty supervisor, Wendell Jeffrey, to be featured speakers at the NJPSA's 2018 Spring Arts Education Series "Fostering Social-Emotional Learning in and Through the Arts​​​​​​​" regarding this project and student driven work on mental health.

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