This Is Not The End
January - February 2021

This is Not the End is a virtual exhibition by BFA students for BFA students in a time where education and art is at its most difficult. Featuring 14 artists from 4 different undergraduate art programs, this exhibition acts as a showcase to the future generation of artists and makers building their careers from the ruins of 2020. This is Not the End exhibits works of various mediums from art students currently pursuing their BFA, a reminder of how digital platforms allow us to be connected to each other and art even from a distance. Though the world may seem to be ending, for many it is just the beginning.

Curated by Isabel Pardo and Johanna Cordasco
    Alexa Barboza
    Amalya Singleton
    Benjamin Wilson
    Caitlyn Chwatek
    Gabriella Brown
    Giancarlo Venturini
    Jessica Booth
    Kirsten Maiwaldt
    Lily Wilkins
    Natalia Kropf-Estell
    Nina Gabriel
    Nina Vitale
    Yoonji Choi

Please view our instagram @thisisnottheend_ex to view the archive of This Is Not The End

Video walkthrough the virtual exhibition
Due to the digital nature of this exhibition, the curators wanted to test what a virtual exhibition could be, creating a website, an instagram, a catalogue, and finally these pants to make a physical 'mobile' exhibition.  

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