Installation View 

Tradition, Creation, Ceremony (Long Panels), gouache, ink, collage, and leaf on paper, 18” x 6’ , 2019

False Idols (Small Panels) , watercolor, ink, collage, and leaf on paper, 11” x 19” , 2019​​​​​​​

Fascinated by the strangeness of depictions of magic, mysticism and all things holy, I work with Pen and ink, watercolor, collage, and the art historical cannon to develop new compositions out of established imagery. Taking inspiration from illustrations of religious and mythological narrative, this series utilizes imagery to create a visual language for the viewer to distill and interpret meaning. When all iconography is manmade, what defines one as false?
Acting as a collector of image and material, I enjoy the ritualistic nature of collage; working minimally to emphasize the symbols as having a presence in their larger installation. The title of each piece paired with the imagery prompts the viewer to develop their own relationship and question how image prompts reflection, thought, and meaning. The blend of collage and painted imagery forms a sort of puzzle where the individual relationships between symbols create meaning as a whole, ultimately using the known to create the unknown.

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